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Lyman history - straight from Lyman family archives and private collections.
Courtesy of Tom Koroknay Lyman Historian

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Bernard Lyman
Co-founder of
Lyman Brothers Boat Builders
And Lyman Boat Works
This site is dedicated to Bernard Lyman, designer and builder of the most famous clinker built boat of all time Lyman--Legend of Lake Erie.
Ever since the Lyman Brothers. of Cleveland (Bernard and Herman) started building boats in the late 1800's on the Cleveland water front, the Lyman boat has been famous for mastering the rugged chop of Lake Erie. fp02s.jpg (17297 bytes)
William Lyman
Son of Bernard Lyman

William Lyman and son-in-law Fred Wiehn
Beside Bill's 13' reverse lapstrake racer
As Historian, I have been asked several times to reprint the historical articles that I have written over the past years for various publications including the LBOA quarterly publication "The Clinker". Using the collection of Lyman memorabilia that I have amassed over the past 18 years, I have written numerous articles on various models and different historical aspects of Lyman boats.
I would especially like to thank the desendents of Bernard Lyman, Julie Everson, great-granddaughter, and Fritz Everson, great-great grandson for their support and kindness in granting me premission to use their Grandfathers name. Also, they have graciously donated parts of the family archives, including photos, letters and other literature to me, personally, for preservation and research purposes to go along with the other Lyman collections and pieces that I have acquired over the years.. fp04s.jpg (20118 bytes)
Bill Lyman, Lily Wiehn, grandaughter Julie
With lion cub and trainer
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Bill Lyman and Fred Wiehn
During the War effort
I have been asked by several people to write a book on the Lyman Boat and I have finally realized that if this is not accomplished soon, it will never materialize. Several people and groups have offered their assisstance in the research and the organizational phase of this massive project. Let's hope we can pull it off and have a comprehensive book on "Lyman-Legend of Lake Erie".
But for now, sit back and take time to scroll down thru a great collection of Lyman photos and various articles on several different models of Lyman Boats. fp05s.jpg (16223 bytes)
Frank Lyman and (Bill's brother)
In front seat, right side


 Lyman Historical Articles Written by
Lyman Historian  Tom Koroknay

 '8 and 9' Speed Tenders 13' Reverse Lapstrake Racer
15' Cat Rigged Sailboat 17' Islander
18' Runabout 22' Runabout
26' Cruisette 35' Seahawk Express Cruiser
Lyman Hull Numbers