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Boating Links

www.   Mariners' Museum  Newport News, VA. Lots of good stuff   Great site always something new  The Legend of Chris Craft J.L. Rodengen   50's and 60's  Classic  Fiberglass  Great boating  site  with something for everyone     Antique & Classic Boat Society   A traditional  site from across the pond.  Very interesting ,take a lk  Need parts for your woody A nice site dedicated  to old marine engines  The Fairey boat owners club from the UK  Restoration  specializing in Lyman boats Nice bio on clinker built  Some good information on Hacker boats   If you are planning to buy or sell look at this one     Riva Historical Society,  Nice Site from the UK Texas based   1950's pocket rockets   Photos and information about boats for sale and rent by owners. Have an old woodie ?join one of our chapters Nice site  classic antique fiber glass boats





Non Boating Links    Looking for the exact time? Find it, any where in the U.S.  If you remember Kate Smith take a lk at this.  Planing on a vacation check it out